Foreign Hours EP

by Hi Crime

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Love when you whisper Blue electricity. Know we can feel it. Feel it when you’re looking right at me. This night will be perfect. Perfect though you feel so out of reach. So hard to not want you. Pulse is racing fast as I breathe deep. Love when you whisper (whisper words into me) Blue electricity (whisper words into me) Know we can feel it (whisper words into me) Feel it when you’re looking right at me Electric sensation. (Feeling like I’m melting) Controlling, time slowing. (It’s all so overwhelming) Come closer, next to me. One more time, (Diving off the deep end) I will go, Escape to the real world. Feel so good next to you. (It’s just another weekend) Releasing emotions, (I can only stand here) Evading the motions, Close my eyes and just breathe. (Loving that you are near)
Lucent exhale. Light is fading, breeze picks up. Fractals appear, we’re all the same just cosmic dust Cosmic dust, cosmic dust. Gripping tightly, Holding close this coffee cup. Peeling paint off buildings aging these pipes rust These pipes rust, these pipes rust. Never gonna be another way Never gonna be another way to say it. Pallet of dry paint is all I am but you’re Raining on my colors again. Never gonna be another way Never gonna be another way to say it. Treading lightly, twigs snap smell of kerosene. Incandescent, crystal clear a living dream.
Ribbons 04:05
Been escaping shadows. Running fast from my past. But I want you to know Though it’s still swimming inside my head. Its only ribbons of what I am. I fear all the spiders, Swallow them in my sleep. I close all the windows But they’re still crawling after me. Its only ribbons of what I am. Addicted to comfort, But its adventure I want. Will I always wonder or dive into this world alone? Its only ribbons of what I am.
Something to be said about the way I’ve been feeling lately.
July 03:41
It was pitch black. There were just bursts of light. Fourth of July Such a perfect night. There was dew on the grass So our clothes got damp. I was wrapped up in you For an hour or two. I lost track of the time. Like a balloon floating in the sky I was going up fast, going up aimlessly higher. I never knew but I always tried. It happened so fast, it was such a quick drive. But now we don’t care. Tell me you want me for one more night. I promise to say all the things on my mind, but now it’s too late. And now we don’t care. And now we don’t care.


We spent many hours writing, recording, and mixing this E.P. If you can give a few dollars, it seriously means a lot. If you decide to download for free, please be nice and share the music. Thanks.

Written & performed by Brielle Rutledge & Mitch Etter, Recorded & Mixed at home during Fall 2015.


released April 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Hi Crime Seattle, Washington

Indie-pop band / cool people based in Seattle, WA.


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